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Our offices are in The Hague, The Netherlands and with associates in the UK, Italy, USA, Dubai, India, Nigeria and beyond we have been established to provide the one-stop-shop solution to companies requiring oil and gas expertise on a daily, periodically or project specific basis for their worldwide needs. Our mixture of British and Dutch management together with associates in all major oil areas ensures that we are fully conversant with todays markets worldwide.

We believe that what we offer is a unique service providing an integrated approach to any project or production related operation. Through a mixture of in-house expertise and a network of associate companies we have the knowledge and the drive to make it happen.

We can assist all stages as follows:

  • drilling [rig sourcing; operations; materials; materials control; contracts]
  • project conception [ budgeting; procedures; statutory approvals; surveys etc]
  • pre-project [project management; long-lead procurement, spec/scope out]
  • platform construction/pipelines installation [construction management; project control]
  • installation and hook-up [subsea supervision; representation]
  • production start-up [commissioning; operational handover]
  • abandonment [decommissioning, removal and disposal/sale]
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    Engineering and project management oil and gas consultancy assisting clients worldwide in reviewing, managing and controlling onshore and offshore projects consisting of plant, pipelines and the necessary infrastructure. Contact Talburg Oil & Gas at their offices in The Hague, The Netherlands,

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