Talburg Experience record
Description Type of contract Year Client
Vessel brokerage sale and purchase advice Brokerage 2003 Vroon
Offshore accommodation vessel design Consultancy 2003 Mexico
Linepipe, coil and stainless sales Europe Representatives Consultancy 2003 Saw Pipes
Conversion of jackup barge to pipelay barge North Sea Advisory 2003 Mayflower
Linepipe and pipeline materials supply Bulgaria project Procurement 2003 Petreco
Material supplies for pipeline repairs Procurement 2004 BP
Marketing and acquisition for North Sea platform fabrication Consultancy 2004 HSM
Marketing and acquisition for Diving and ROV Services Consultancy 2004 Bluestream
Tendering for RSPPM Project offshore India to IOEC MC and PM 2004 Micoperi
Marketing and acquisition for Pipelay and engineering Consultancy 2004 GMC
Marketing and acquisition for North Sea pipeline inspection services Consultancy 2004 Smart Eng
Heavy Lift platform removal and demolition Consultancy 2004 Seametric
Design, engineering and advisory for self propelled maint.jack up Advisory 2004 Shell NS
ISO9001 system preparation and management Lumpsum 2005 ASC
Pipeline and platform installation Tunisia Contract Advice 2005 Micoperi
Platform Installation. Suction Piles Consultancy 2005 SPT
Supply of linepipe for ofshore Turkey project Procurement 2006 Toreador
Prequalification and tendering for 100kms onshore pipeline Iraq Tech partners 2005 National
Marketing and acquisition for oil & gas engineering services Advisory 2005 IV Oil & Gas
JackUp Drilling Rigs contracting and supply Egypt Advisory 2005 Seadrill
Valves, process plant representatives Consultancy 2005 Oswall
Pipeline engineering services Consultancy 2005 Intec
Installation, pig and test incl trenching of 2 pipelines offshore North Sea UK MC and PM 2005/6 Micoperi
Installation, pig and test incl trenching of 1 pipelines offshore North Sea UK MC and PM 2005/6 Micoperi
Transport, Lift, Install and hook up of gas production platform North Sea UK MC and PM 2005/6 Micoperi
Barge supply brokers. Adriatic and Black Sea Turkey Brokers and MC 2006 Valentine
Senior management of specialist procurement organisation Procurement 2006 SSMS
Feasibility Study for 2 x gas fields in Southern North Sea EPC 2006 Tullow
Pipeline Installation North Sea 1 x 10 1x6 Consultancy 2006 Micoperi
Barge supply brokers. Offshore Nigeria Brokers 2007 Acergy
Wellhead Platform fabrication and heavy transport from Houston to India EPC 2007 Leighton
Establishment of world trading network for petroleum products Brokerage 2007 Network
Installation of 4 pipelines and 1xplatform. Offshore Nigeria Tech partners 2007 Maritimex
Installation of 100 kms swamp pipeline Onshore Nigeria PMT 2007 Nestoil/Shell
Project Procurement Services Procurement 2007 Nestoil/Shell
Barge design and budgeting study Techical advisors 2007 Narwhal
Feed study for pipelay and trunk line hot tap Consultancy 2007 Unocal
Contract signed for large LNG contract for 10 years Consultants 2008 Confidential
Management consultancy for Offshore Drilling Contractor expansion strategy/plans Consultancy 2007/8 Confidential
Advisors for management buy-out strategy for Jack-up barge company Managt.Advisors 2007/8 Confidential
Extension and formalisation of petroleum trading/brokerage business Brokerageconsultants 2007/8 Network
FPSO, Process plant Project management and Inspection Advisory 2008 Kentech
Project tendering consultancy - Venezuela Advisory 2009 Veniran
Consultancy for puirchase of helicopters and business jet - Nigeria Consultants 2009 Kentz Int
JV for budgetting and planning for EPC tender Technical partners 2009 Maritimex
Potential of the oil and gas industry Report - Germany Report 2010 Hochtief
Contract negotiations and preparation for manpower services to oil and gas sector Advisory 2010 Onstream
Procurement and sourcing services for large diameter pipe and valves Procurement 2010 Power Piping
Marketing, prequalification, tender preparation and budgetting advise - Italy Consultants 2009/10 Micoperi
Fabrication of Wellhead Platform for Reliant Project India Procurement 2010 Bechtel
Consultancy for the supply of drilling services offshore Nigeria - Client Chevron Consultants 2011 Fode Drilling
Procurement Services for offshore development in Saudi Arabia Procurement 2011 Aadra
Management Consultants for Pipelay Projects in Mexico - award of 2 x Contracts Consultants 2012 Micoperi
Project Management for Gabon Pipelay Project Offshore Gabon Project Management 2012 Seatrucks
Project Management Support - Southstream Project (36", 900kms in 2000m WD) Contract Management 2013-19 Southstream
Service Provider to USA Crude Oil supplier. Services performed in Rotterdam harbour Services 2018-19 PMI
Advisors/consultants to UK based service and engineering company Advisors 2017-19 Akedemi
Consultants for Nigerian main contractor. Tender services and vessel sourcing. Consultants 2016-18 Kenna Oil